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Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, heating and cooling services are inevitable. You can trust Palm Beach Mechanical when the time comes for repairs, maintenance or emergency service. Contact us today for a free quote!

Repairs & Maintenance

We believe that regular professional preventive maintenance of your cooling and heating system is the most important thing a home or business owner can do to ensure longevity and operational efficiency. We at Palm Beach Mechanical will not only ensure your system to be running at maximum efficiency, but we will also ensure to save you money on your electric bill.

Equipment Installation

In the event of a system failure, we will be dispatched quickly to assess your situation. Highly skilled at system diagnostics, we will explain your options. Some mechanical breakdowns can be repaired on the spot. Other repairs are either not possible because of the age of the unit or are not cost effective versus replacing the system. In the event of replacement, one of our HVAC specialists is quickly dispatched to your home or business to assess your needs, wants and budget.

Duct Work

Renovating your home or business? Adding on square footage? Depending on the age and design of your current air conditioning system, replacement or additional units might not be necessary. Often, existing components can be altered or relocated to accommodate design changes in your home or business. That’s where our specialty in duct work comes in. We will help you save money and fix your issues with a few components.

Quality Equipment for Quality Service

We make sure to use only the best equipment for our services. Check out some of the brands that we work with to ensure that you receive the highest quality equipment for your residential and/or commercial needs.


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